Unique first edition vintage posters

We have found som old original posters in Erik's "back office". Availability thus very limited. All designs drawn on lito stone in the 50'ies or early 60'ies, no offset stuff here...

Products together 7 pcs

Hartwall Jaffa "the happy face"

A poster should make people happy. Hartwall Orange lemonade liked to benefit from this emotion. This poster is from 1958. Only 5 posters avaialble. 70 x 100 cm.
Price: 150.00 €

Hartwall Jopa

A popular Hartwall banana lemonade in the late 50'ies and early 60'ies. Only 3 original outdoor posters available. 70 x 100 cm.
Price: 150.00 €


Havi was the leading candle producer in Finland in the 50'ies and 60'ies (and might still be...). According to Erik, it was a special challenge to create a outdoor poster to be used in December, when there is very little light or no light in Finland. 50% of the candles are sold during the Christmas time..
Price: 150.00 €

Hopeanuoli, Silver Arrow 1957

Rare original edition lito poster. Printed by Kivipaino in 1957. Poster size 70 x 100 cm. Delivered in cardboard tube.
Price: 150.00 €

Klubi, 1959

One of the most popular cigarette brands, Klubi. the Club. "The Club is Light..." Rettig. From 1959. Litography. 70 x 100 cm.
Product sold out in April 2012.
Price: 0.00 €
Nektar coffee

Nektar coffee

Litography, 70 x 100 cm. 6 pcs available. Great design.
Price: 150.00 €

Windsor filter tip

Tobacco and cigarettes brands made lot of outdoor advertising in the 50'ies. Windsor was a popular brand. Does not excist anymore though. Litography. 70 x 100 cm.
Price: 150.00 €