Graphic design signed by Bruun

The graphic prints are issued in short series and all signed by the artist himself. The drawings reflects the artist's love for the Finnish nature; particularly the birds. Delivered in tubes.

Products together 15 pcs

The Peacock butterfly

This poster original was originally designed by Erik for his proposal for the Euro banknote.
Now it has been released as a single graphic print.
Size 50cm x 70 cm.
Personally signed by Erik.
Price: 150.00 €

Barnacle Goose

Signed and numbered graphic print.
Size 50 x 85 cm. Delivered in cardboard tube.
Price: 380.00 €

Common Tern

Size 40 x 65 cm.
Price: 360.00 €

Eagle Owl

Eagle owl. Size 45 x 90 cm.
Price: 380.00 €

Head of Eagle Owl 2008

Eagle owl. Size 45 x 90 cm.
Price: 380.00 €

Jaffa, 4 motives, signed Litography

A collection of the most popular Jaffa-posters from 1956-1960 all in the same lito. A true rarity, printed on ly in 300 ex. Signed by the artist.
Price: 380.00 €

Pine Cone

Signed and numbered graphic print. Size 60 x 90 cm.
Delivered in cardboard tube.
Price: 380.00 €

Saimaa Ringed Seal

With frames. Size (incl frames) 48 x 70.
Price: 270.00 €

Snowy Owl

Size 50 x 80 cm.
Price: 380.00 €

Suomen Joutsen

Size 70 cm x 100 cm. Delivered in cardboard tube.  ..
Price: 320.00 €

The Albatross

Size 50 x 100 cm.
Price: 420.00 €

The flying Loon

Size 65 x 88 cm.
Price: 405.00 €

The Grey Heron

Perhaps one of the most impressive drawings by Erik Bruun. size 60 cm x 90 cm.
Price: 480.00 €

The Oystercatcher

Size 50 x 80.
Price: 380.00 €

The Woodcock

The Eurasian Woodcock, Scolopax rusticola, is a medium-small wading bird found in temperate and subarcti Eurasia. It has cryptic camouflage to suit its woodland habitat, with reddish-brown upperparts and buff-coloured underparts. Its eyes are set far back on its head to give it 360-degree vision and..
Price: 380.00 €