Birds and animals

Some of Erik Bruun's most popular works belongs to this product group. The Ringed Seal is the symbol of the Finnish enviromental protection and the poster has been sold in more than 70 000 copies since Bruun draw it in early 70'ies. Also the eagle from 1964 adorns many summer cottage walls in Finland.

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"Bubi", 2008

The Eagle Owl "Bubi" became the National Finnish Soccer Team's favourite mascot and a symbol as it visited the Olympic Stadium lawn in the middle of a victorious match in 2007.
Size 40 x 90 cm. Delivered in cardboard tube. ..
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Size 50 x 85 cm. Delivered in cardboard tube.
Price: 25.00 €

Black-throated Loon

Black-throated Diver (Gavia arctica) Black-throated Diver is a large bird, which is foundalso in Finland. Loon is in Finnish "Kuikka", and is named after the sounds.
Size 85 x 40 cm. Delivered in cardboard tube...
Price: 25.00 €

Head of Eagle Owl, 2008

Size 45x65cm. Delivered in cardboard tube.
Price: 25.00 €


Size 40 x 95 cm. Delivered in cardboard tube.
Price: 25.00 €

Saimaa Ringed Seal, 1974

Saimaa Ringed Seal does not live anywhere else in the world than Finland Saimaa.The Saimaa ringed seal is critically endangered - it is facing an extremely immediate risk of extinction in the wild.
Erik Bruun drew the ringed seal in the 70's to draw attention to endangered situation.The drawing is now Finnish..
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Salmon, 1965

Size 85 x 40 cm. Delivered in cardboard tube.
Price: 25.00 €

White tailed Eagle, 1962

This was Erik Bruun's first bird poster. He draw this great bird, the biggest in Finland, in the early 60'ies to get attention to the fact that the Eagle was one of the most endangered species in the Baltic Sea due to accumulation of toxins. Only 25 pairs had offsprings per year in Finland during the..
Price: 25.00 €