Erik Bruun is a Finnish graphic designer born in Viipuri April 7th 1926.
Bruun spent his childhood in Säiniö, outside Viipuri, since 1944 part of Russia. During the war the family moved to Helsinki where Bruun started to study graphic design at the University of Art and Design. He graduated as a graphic designer in 1950. In 1953 he founded his graphics company.
Bruun has designed a numerous amount of logotypes, brand guidelines, posters, books, annual reports for Forest Industry companies stamps and even Finnish banknotes. His latest effort is the joint project of designing textiles with Vallila Interiors.
His posters, postcards and stamps mainly describe the Finnish beautiful nature. He has designed the symbol for The Finnish Assosiation for Nature Conservation, an Pro Bono -act that describes his deep love for the nature and his concern about it's sustainability.


In 2007, Bruun in was awarded the Pro Finlandia medal. The Art's Council of Finland has granted him the title Professor, a tribute to Erik Bruun's long-term work in the arts.